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Youth Registration Here:

Hanford Lacrosse is a K-4 & High School Club encompassing lacrosse players living in the Hanford High School boundaries 


The Hanford High School boys team is sanctioned by the Washington High School Boys Lacrosse Association (WHSBLA)

The Richland School District High School ladies team is sanctioned by Washington Schoolgirls Lacrosse Association (WSLA)

Any player attending Hanford High School in grades 9-12, or is homeschooled living in the HHS boundaries is eligible to play lacrosse with the Hanford Lacrosse High School boys team or the Richland School District combined ladies team.

Youth Lacrosse Program

Welcome Youth Falcons!

K-2 and 3/4 teams sanctioned by CWLL coming in 2022!

5/6 & 7/8 teams are expected to remain with RYLC for 2022

Contact our Youth Liaison for more information!

2022 Youth Uniform Campaign ~ Fully Funded

we are thankful to our sponsors

for funding our Youth Uniform Campaign!

2022 Club Store

Now OPEN!!


2022 Youth Registration Open

High School :: $375

3/4 :: $100

K-2 :: $75

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Hanford Lacrosse Club is looking for a High School Team Manager!

Are you interested in helping out this season? 
How about being The Dirty Birds Team Manager!

Team Managers are responsible for organizing the team, and communicating between the coach, team parents, and the HLC Board of Directors.  Information regarding equipment, tournaments, team pictures, travel and hotel accommodations, meals and any other organizational information will be disbursed by the Team Managers to the parents.

The Team Managers may assume any or all of the following responsibilities:           

  1. Set up master email list as soon as possible for the team.
  2. Create a roster of player’s and parent’s names, player jersey number; and email to all parents and coaches and/ or give a hard copy.
  3. Communicate with HLC board and coaches regarding tournament dates, field locations, time to have player on the field ready to go and any overnight hotel and/or meal accommodations.
  4. Handle equipment – any rental gear, plus jerseys - all to be disbursed, then collected and turned back in at end of season.
  5. Create stat sheets for each game.
  6. Get volunteers to collect stats at all games.  Get volunteers for time keepers and stat keeper at home games.
  7. Enter final scores of games on website.

If you are interested, please email your name and phone number to or talk with Coach Robby.

Thank you! 

Hanford High School Lacrosse Player Equipment List

  1. Helmet Cascade R or Cascade CPX-R (recommended) MUST BE WHITE 
  2. Shoulder pads (EKG & NOCSAE) 
  3. Elbow pads - MUST BE WHITE
  4. Gloves - MUST BE WHITE
  5. Athletic Supporter (Cup)
  6. Mouth guard with strap (NO white or clear)
  7. Stick
  8. Lacrosse/Football cleats
  9. Optional if you play attack: Rib protection pads
  10. Club supplies you a numbered Pinnie for practice use

Future Falcons Register Here

Richland Youth Lacrosse is our Central Washington Lacrosse League (CWLL) youth feeder team. All future Falcons are encouraged to register and play as Jr. Bombers during 1st-8th grades.

Contact Hanford Lacrosse Club

Contact Hanford Lacrosse Club

Faith Glenn

Phone: (509) 295-7741

2021 Sponsors

Thank you to our 2021 Sponsors